Church Leaders & Staff

6293 West Main Street P.O. Box 206
Byron, NY 14422
(585) 548-2800

PASTOR: James R. Renfrew

Session: Rev. James R. Renfrew, Moderator
Kim Dewey, Clerk of Session

Marilyn Britt, Tom Nesbitt, Jim Moore, Pam Lynch, Lee Blair Jr., Eric George, Kim Dewey, Dan Stevens, Luan Riner

Deacons: Doris Hillabush, Moderator
Marilyn Liles, Treasurer
Crystal Britt, Secretary

Hayley Stein, Ruth McCracken, Mark Lancaster, Marilyn, Chrystal Britt, Jane Ezard, Doris Hillabush, Gwen George, Melanie Nesbitt

Trustees: Ron & Robin Glazier, Co-Chairs
Kathy George, Secretary

Kathy George, Robin Glazier, Ron Glazier, Marc Kenward, Jim Welch, Jeanie Sloat, Don Britt, Mark Dewey, Harlan George


Janet Pike, Secretary
Rhonda Hickey, Sexton
Sheri Gouger, Bookkeeper
Robin Glazier, Treasurer
Elizabeth Weber, Organist
Kim Dewey, Choir Director
Contact Information:
Rev. James Renfrew 585-548-2800 (office)
The First Presbyterian Church of Byron is a congregation of the Presbytarian Church (U.S.A)


One Comment:

  1. Dear Pastor James Renfrew,

    My colleague, Martha Munson suggested I reach out to you and let you know about this retreat for widows I have organized. It is a special two day retreat in September to help widows with emotional, financial and spiritual healing. If any of members of your parish might benefit, could you pass on the information. Details about what is offered and what to expect can be found at this link:–retreat.html.

    The retreat is for people of any faith and will be inclusive and respectful of each person’s beliefs and values.

    The deadline to sign up is at the end of next week. (Sept. 10th). It could be extended a few days if the person calls to let me know.

    Blessings on Life’s Journey,

    Lynn Acquafondata
    D.Min, MA, MHC-LP
    Pastoral Counseling & Family Therapy Group

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