Church Leaders & Staff

6293 West Main Street P.O. Box 206
Byron, NY 14422
(585) 548-2800

PASTOR: James R. Renfrew

Session: Rev. James R. Renfrew, Moderator
Shannon Thompson, Clerk of Session

Jim Welch, Mary Ann Blair, Laura Bestehorn, Shannon Thompson, Chrystal Britt, Ruth Andes, Patty Welch, Vicky Truax, Ron Glazier

Deacons: Marilyn Britt and Luan Riner, Co-Moderators

Faline Tyler, Gwen George, Sara Geissler, Elizabeth Shuknect, Marilyn Britt, Luan Riner, Nancy Curran, Sue Hockey, Laura Platt

Trustees:  Kim and Mark Dewey, Co-Chairs
Robin Shuknecht, Secretary

Jeanie Sloat, Mark Dewey, Kim Dewey, Tom Nesbitt, Robin Shuknecht, Lee Blair, Eric George, David Keller, Richard Hillabush Walker

Mission Associate: Jordan Sloat


Vacancy, Secretary
Penny Kennett, Sexton
Sheri Abdoo, Bookkeeper
Robin Glazier, Treasurer
Larry Tallman, Organist & Choir Director

Contact Information:
Rev. James Renfrew 585-548-2800 (office)
The First Presbyterian Church of Byron is a congregation of the Presbytarian Church (U.S.A)


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