Sunday Bulletin

First Presbyterian Church of Byron

November 10, 2019                   Season of Pentecost 

Rev. James Renfrew, Pastor          Elder Shannon Thompson, Clerk of Session

Laurence Tallman, Music Director             Elizabeth Weber, Organist Emeritus

PRELUDES   “Sincere” (“Bye-Bye Birdie”)  (C.Strouse, adapted Tallman)




CALL TO WORSHIP  Philippians 4:4-7

Rejoice in the Lord always,

          I will say it again: Rejoice!

Let your gentleness be evident to all.

         The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and

petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

         And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will   

         guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Amen


*LET’S SING!         #157  “I Danced in the Morning”



      Dear God, we often feel like we are on the outside, looking in on the things we can never have, the things we can never experience, and the things we can never become.  Others, more accomplished and more deserving, are always way ahead of us in line.  And way back where we are the line never seems to move at all.  The truth is that God invites everyone, but we have internalized the idea that we deserve to be left out, and we keep a tight lid on any aspirations.  This is not working, so, O God, we turn to you!  By your Spirit help us clear the way ahead so that all of the obstacles between you and us are swept away.  We’re praying in Jesus’ name!  Amen.



There are six billion people inhabiting the earth, but God knows you by name, and today, like all days, but especially this day, God calls you to the front of the line, not because of what you have accomplished, but because of what you need.  So, take courage, and step forward in faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen!


*GLORIA PATRI          #581


TIME WITH CHILDREN  “It’s Love that Makes the World Go Round”




LET’S SING!     # 384  “Soon and Very Soon”



We share our prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, confession,

intercession, supplication and new commitment.

Please stand, if you can, so everyone can hear you!


OFFERING & OFFERTORY     “Sincerely”  (A.Freed, H.Fuqua)


*DOXOLOGY    #606



      Dear God, we offer you our great thanks for the blessings that you have offered, for valuable traditions, delightful new experiences, and for hopes and dreams not yet seen. Bless these gifts, bless the givers,   bless the receivers, and bless us all!  In Jesus’ name. Amen. 


SCRIPTURE READING           II Thessalonians 2:14-17


MESSAGE      “ Persons of Sincerity”     Rev. Bill Hockey


WHAT WE BELIEVE MATTERS    “The Apostles Creed”  p. 35


*LET’S SING!   #441 “Hear the Good News of Salvation”



POSTLUDE    “Norman”, performed by Rev. Hockey



Today, 9:45 AM           Sunday Worship with Rev. Bill Hockey

Tuesday, 1:00 PM         Membership Committee

Wednesday, 7:00 PM     Trustees (note new meeting date)

Wednesday, 7:00 PM     Choir

Thursday, 7:00 PM        Christian Ed and Worship Committee

Next Sunday, 9:45 AM  Sunday Worship with Communion

PrayersSgt. 1st Class Abigail Keller, David’s daughter, in Iraq.  Jean Roda at Wedgewood, Ruth McCracken at home, Melissa Marquez (doctor care), Truax family, in grief for Steele’s death, Chupp family, in grief for the loss of Dave, and the Welch family, grieving the death of Jim’s mother, Laura Welch.


Rev. Jim Renfrew will return from vacation tomorrow evening.   Thanks to Rev. Bill Hockey for leading worship this morning.  Bill is a retired Presbyterian pastor who lives with his wife Sue in Batavia.  Bill has most recently served North Bergen Presbyterian, Seekers Fellowship and First Presbyterian in Attica.  He is also a singer/song-writer.

We have Children’s Activity Bags for children of all ages, including babies.  These are especially handy when children prefer to remain with parents, or when Sunday School is not scheduled.  Please leave them in the pews, so we know which ones to clean and refresh.


      Sunday School announcement:  Do you like the last piece that Larry or Liz plays at the end of each service?  So much that everyone remains seated to enjoy it!  Now, each Sunday we will be bringing Kids Club and Sunday School children back to the sanctuary in time to hear it.  No need to find your children after worship because they should be right here with you!


Looking Ahead:

  • Next Sunday, November 18, Luke 21:5-19, “An Unexpected Message”.

Do you attend Sunday worship to be comforted or to be

challenged?  The Luke passage is very much a challenge!

  • Please turn in your 2020 Estimates of Giving in the offering plate or in the church office as soon as possible.  Thank you!
  • Hanging of the Greens, Advent decorating, free meal, and family craft projects, following worship on Sunday, December 1.


Accessibility:  Dedicated parking spaces. Large print bulletins are available each Sunday.  Restrooms are handicapped accessible.  There is a wheelchair space in the rear pew.  Lift at the side entrance is available to take you to all three levels. Let us know what else you might need!











Let’s Sort it Out!







First Presbyterian Church

Byron, New York



  1. could you please tell me when you are having your sat. fall sale I just love it and cant find the date for it . thanks so much for your information

  2. There is no fall sale

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