Music to Lift our Spirits

      Every year, for the January edition of the Spirit, I always give a list of resolutions to consider for the New Year ahead, in terms of singing and joining the choir!  As we enter this new year, I would just like to offer a simple invitation:  Come join the choir!  We are committed church family with a love for serving our Lord through the gifts of music.  We meet most Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm.  There is ALWAYS room for more, even during these tumultuous times.  We are committed to singing SAFELY and RESPONSIBLY in our musical servitude.  Finally, if you don’t think that you can sing, the answer is, YES, YOU CAN!  You just haven’t found your true voice yet.  Come find it and share it with us in 2021!  We hope to see new singers in the Wednesdays to come! [Laurence Tallman, Music Director]



6 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

13 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

20 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

27 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

31 (Sunday) – ANTHEM SUNDAY; practice 9 AM 


3 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

10 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

17 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

24 (Wednesday) – Practice, 7:00

28 (Sunday) – ANTHEM SUNDAY; practice 9 AM



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