congregation_lgWelcome to our church. If you’re wondering what a Presbyterian is, let me explain it. We are dedicated followers of Jesus Christ. We learn about him in the Bible, we show our commitment to him in baptism, and welcome every opportunity to serve as his disciples in every day life. We are people filled with love, hope and vision, and we are eager to involve you in everything we do! Our church was organized in year of our Lord 1818. The present building, constructed in 1839, is located at 6293 West Main Street in Byron. Sunday services are held at 9:45 AM and we would be delighted if you would join us as we praise God and share our love of Him and for our fellow man. Regardless or your spiritual background – seeker or believer – we are thrilled that you are looking for a place to consider what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, or to grow in your relationship with him.



God takes ordinary people, warts and all, and makes us into a holy temple where his powerful presence dwells. Together, in joyful worship celebrations, in small groups, in ministry to one another and to the world, we experience what it means to enjoy God’s extraordinary blessing in Jesus Christ.Explore our website to learn more about us and know that you are welcome to join us this Sunday as we come together in worship, prayer, and fellowship.


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  1. Some of my ancestors were apparently early members of the Byron Church. The following was written by Martha (Dewey) Claflin, daughter of William Dewey of Byron, on Dec. 3, 1893 in which she mentions her parent’s becoming members of the church in late 1830/early 1831. Does the Byron Presbyterian Church have membership, baptism, marriage and death records from this time period? Thank you very much.

    “I was born in the town of Byron, Genesee Co., N. York, September 4, 1830. My parents, William and Mary Dewey, experienced religion when I was about four months old, and united with the Presbyterian church one-half mile or more away… I united there when I was eighteen, some few weeks after my marriage which occurred September 22, 1848. Your father united with me at the same time by letter which he brought from the Presbyterian church at East Mendon, N.Y.”

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